TriPawd of Love

Ms. Patty was found by animal control with a broken leg and Labrador Friends of the South were asked to help her. After a consultation with the specialist, it was determined that the fracture was exposed and in a bad place and it would most likely not heal very well. Dogs do so well on three legs Labrador Friends of the South decided her life would be better with three legs than with a badly healed fracture. Ms Patty is only 8 months old and she took this new adventure in life with the attitude of young dog we love so much.

three-leg-labrador-tripawd-patty-rescue-fundraiser-003 three-leg-labrador-tripawd-patty-rescue-fundraiser-004 three-leg-labrador-tripawd-patty-rescue-fundraiser-002

No Stopping

It is about two weeks after surgery and she is starting to jump on the couch, go up stairs and even run. Going down the stairs is a little harder but we are almost there.  Stitches are coming out and she will be even happier.  Ms Patty loves her foster mom and her foster sisters who are taking great care of her.

Ms. Patty is enjoying her walks in a blue wagon, but very soon she will be TriPawding through life with out a care and in a new Forever Home.



It’s a Lab Thing along with some of their awesome sponsors have put together an awesome prize package. a $10 donation will get you a chance in a raffle to win a $600 Prize Package of Awesomeness!! The money raised will go towards Ms. Patty’s surgery costs and every thing over will go to getting her the things she will need in her new Forever home to better help with her new life. Every donation will be gratefully accepted. 🙂 Friday, April 11th at 6pm Eastern we will have the drawing.


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$600 Prize Package

Thank You!!

I want to give a big thank you to the sponsors that donated to Patty’s awesome fundrasier/giveaway. They are all great companies with great products that support It’s a Lab Thing and our causes.

Thank you to Elena Pesavento for the great pictures.


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  1. heather

    I just donated to ms.patty. I too have a tripawd lab. He was hit by a car. Its a lab thing actually feature his picture not too long ago. His name is Fatty and people are always so surprised at what he can do. I tell them that he’s better than ever. I know how much the fees are for this surgery and its amazing how people are helping raise money and find her a good home.
    Go to Friends of Fatty on FB and see my boy,