The Annual Holiday Adoptions Party for Labrador Friends of the South is our biggest event. From silent auctions to pictures with Santa, it is always a good time for both the Labrador rescues and the LFS Alumni. A good time was certainly the case despite the bitter cold day, torrential downpours and exciting gusts of wind.

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Labrador Rescues Warming the Soul

It may have been bitter cold, but once you wrapped your arms around one of Labrador Friends of the South’s Lab Rescues, everything was all warm and fuzzy. Sure at one point huge gusts of wind came through and toppled three of our tents and demolished one, but unlike the Labrador’s original “owners”, we just don’t pack it up and call it quits. Nope. Can’t do that. Local Labrador and Dog rescues can’t and won’t do that. We are just not built that way. We just pick it all up and put it back together, kind of like what we do for rescue’s lives.


The Warming Effect

There is a warming effect that comes over you when you are at an adoption event. You forget about the chilly wet day when you look into their eyes or like me capturing beautiful moments of  Labs with my lens. After all taking better pictures and sharing Rescue Lab stories is one of my driving factors as to why I got into photography.

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Labrador Adoptions

I can never, I mean N-E-V-E-R EVER get tired of watching Labs getting adopted. It is always a special moment because you know that a Labrador or dog that was once thought of as dispensable item, is now an indispensable family member. For the Foster parents it is always a Bitter Sweet moment, and one of the greatest rewards is when you see your foster, now alumni return and is flourishing in their new family.


The Holiday party had its fair share of moments that we can all look back at and laugh. Eight Labradors found their Forever home and Labrador Friends of the South celebrated with 174 and counting adoptions for 2013. making a total of 1,201 Labradors Rescued since 2006. We might be a small rescue, but we have a big heart.

I will always encourage you to reach out to your Local Labrador and Dog Rescue if you are looking for a new family member. You can check out our Labrador rescue Directory, Pick of the Litter for one close to you. You can Thank me later. 😉


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  1. Katfish

    Such sweet pups. So glad some got homes. Keep up the good fight. My rescue black lab, Wilbur, came from the Greater Richmond Lab Rescue in Virginia. He’s nine now and so happy and the best dog I’ve ever been blessed with. Each of my dogs was the best dog ever, but Wilbur has a special sumtin’ sumtin’. I think he actually rescued me at a time in my life when I was lost. Wish I could attach a pic. Anyway, I am so glad the adoption went well and that there are 8 or so pups down south with new loving, warm and dry homes. I hope they are sleeping in the big bed. Congratulations on the successful event.