It's a Lab Thing Sock thief Labrador

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  1. Jamie Comer

    My Allee looks just like this, only she stuffs as many as she can get in. Today she tried to get my little girls long soccer socks, she came out with the shorts, socks and undies without realizing it. Silly girl. She even knows how to open my gym back and takes them clean or dirty. It is really a joy getting to the gym with one or no socks.
    The rolling laundry basket linen heavy duty bags are all ripped down the side from her cramming her head all the way in them. If only I could attach pix here.

  2. Lisa

    My girl Murphy has been a sock, slipper, sandal, sneaker thief since she was a tiny pup. She is 17 months old now and the footwear affair continues….luckily there is no chewing involved just stealing, playing and napping with them. This is just one more thing that soooooo “Labby” about her and I just love it:)

  3. Connie

    YUP, it is a lab thing for socks. Whisky just loved to steal the darn things and we had the joy of searching for them when needed. Whisky is now in dog heaven but the memories live on. Miss him terribly.

  4. Julie

    This is SO my Bella. Constantly eating the kids ankle socks and then throwing up a sock sausage a few weeks later. She always loves our washrags. Love her to death.

  5. Debra Bartnick

    Our Black Lab Kacie “holds many Jobs” and laundry is just one, she sticks her head right in the dryer to help unload it. she’ll drop everything in front of you, and just look at you like well here it is are you gonna fold it or not. She’s the funniest dog I’ve ever had, and I am blessed to have her, she’s over come so many health issues since she was little!!!

    • pattywheeler

      It’s good to know that the wash cloths are a lab thing. My Murfee loves wet wash cloths.

  6. donna carresi

    my baby is 12 weeks old and hells ya loves socks but they have to be driye ones