An elderly woman whose home was destroyed by the Oklahoma tornado found her pet dog among the rubble during a live TV interview.

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  1. Laurie Benoit

    Awesome I’m glad she was reunited with her dog. they both have someone to hold onto.. Prayers and Blessings.

  2. Nancy Freiman

    I watched this on the weather channel and I cried. I am so glad she found her pet alive. I was so touched. Her prayers were answered.

  3. Anthony Dacko

    I am watching this on TV as it happened Oklahoma has been hit by one big Tornado I also seen the rescue of this dog.

    I get my TV programs by Satellite and the signal coming from Oklahoma it keeps getting cut out. 🙂 <3

  4. Kathy Richards

    Oh, how wonderful that she was caring more about her dog than about her home. I’m hoping there’s somewhere safe they can find to stay until their home is rebuilt. He’s a cute little fella.

  5. Kelly Hickmott

    I had to keep rewinding the news coverage to see if I could see the pup whilst the old gal was being interviewed. bless

  6. Sk Atts

    Maybe I’m just a born cynic ,but,am I the only one who felt it seemed a bit staged ?

    • Brad Robinson

      It seemed a little staged to me as well.

  7. Julia Piper

    Oh my that made me cry…I am so thrilled both are just fine….how devastating to live through such a event…