Polish Yellow Labrador has quite the bag of Tricks. His LABmom has done an awesome job.

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    It is sad to say this but I did dog training in Hong Kong with RAF dog trainer and he said never let the dog go on it crouched back or like on it tippy toes as it will brake its back and sick to death of that girl with PUGEYS she has n made the world worse for this wish she never won that damn thing but please please do not get your lab to do this i have had 3 labs of my own and 2 my gran gransddad owned trianed via the guide dogs and they care tell you not to get them doing this sort of trick it heart braking seen hate this sort dog dancing used to just play dance with my ddog but never to this lenght sad am very sad and this on lab sight shamed of your putting this in the head lights 🙁