A Senior Yellow Labrador all the way from Japan gets a Special Birthday Cake.

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  1. Beth Walter

    I had to have my 14 year old yellow lab put down in February. Looking at this picture makes me cry cause I had the same combination. How I miss that girl and her quarkie ways.

  2. Bengie Leatherwood

    This one brings tears to my eyes! I just lost my 17 yr. old( toothless, 3 legged, blind, & deaf ) black lab. He is greatly missed. I am seeking info on a service dog trained for diabetes.

  3. David Press

    That’s great. The old ones are special. Our chocolate girl will be 8 next month. Hoping for 13 plus for her too.

  4. Jeanette Eastman

    This made me cry because it made me think of my sister’s previous yellow lab who was my angel. She lived 13 1/2 years. Nice owner who made this birthday cake and such good Labbys!

  5. Jen Knee

    Mine would have eaten it with the candles – probably while they were still lit – enough with that singing.

  6. Theresa White

    The black lab is the double of our boy whom we lost last september age 13 1/2. He would have been so excited to have a whole cake to himself and would also have helped his brother in case he struggled!!Awesome dogs xx

  7. Theresa White

    We have had black labs for the last 17yrs and all 4 of them have loved fruit and veg, the only thing they have ever refused is lettuce but who can blame them!!Merlin who we lost last september ( aged 13 1/2) was a chunky boy and eating fruit didnt help with his weight but he really enjoyed it but then labs will eat anything.

  8. Carole Gunningham

    Had doggy birthday for my labs 13th birthday got special dog cakes from a site he even had birthday hat on sadly I lost him 6 days later still miss my soppy shadow every day

  9. Patricia Chuchryk

    My senior yellow lab Sophie turns 14 in 8 days. She’ll be getting a “cake” too, but one made with ground beef and steak!