So cute – Moki, a Yellow Lab Puppy enjoying the cool comforts of air conditioning – ear just flapping away on the vent! She moves from vent to vent around the house seeking out cool air. This would be the best commercial for air conditioning ever.

It’s a Lab Thing

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    • Andi

      That happened to my black lab husband was about to walk outside with our other dog and she jumped up to go out and then just started running in circles in the den and behind the furniture. It was dark in there and all we could hear when she ran was “Clank Clank Clank!!”..we caught her and the vent was hanging from the tag on her collar..she was scared to death, but it was the most hilarious thing ever!!!!!

  1. Anita Hayes

    This little puppy is so cute and he reminds me Me of my little Kyoto bear when he was little.

  2. Chrisie Atha

    Daisy used to come in from outside and just plop down on the vent. I thought she was just weird, but I guess she’s a smart puppy 🙂

  3. Sk Atts

    Air conditioning ?? Wish we had a need for it 🙁 my 2 always flop infront of a radiator .