[quoteicon author=”Unknown”]A ray of sunshine, a balmy breeze Are a gift from God above, And He also gives us faithful friends. To warm our hearts with love.[/quoteicon]

Its-a-Lab-shannon-Dowdy-showcase001 Its-a-Lab-shannon-Dowdy-showcase002

This Little Yellow Ray of Sunshine named Cali caught my eye and I was very pleased to find out that her LABparent was a photographer. That means that there was a possibility that she would have more super sweet pictures of Labradors. I was right. So I hope you enjoy her showcase.

Its-a-Lab-shannon-Dowdy-showcase003 Its-a-Lab-shannon-Dowdy-showcase004 Its-a-Lab-shannon-Dowdy-showcase005 Its-a-Lab-shannon-Dowdy-showcase006 Its-a-Lab-shannon-Dowdy-showcase007 Its-a-Lab-shannon-Dowdy-showcase008 Its-a-Lab-shannon-Dowdy-showcase009

Shannon has lived in Currituck County, North Carolina all her life so she says that has given her a great appreciation for its beautiful landscape. We want to thank Shannon for allowing us to showcase her Labrador pictures for all the It’s a Lab Thing family to see.

[box title=”Shannon Dowdy Photgraphy”]You can see more of Shannon’s work by clicking on the appropraite links below:

Facebook: Shannon Dowdy Photography

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