It’s a Lab Thing has been following a sweet Labrador named Mason and his battle with Cancer. From the Moment the Cancerous Lump was Discovered, to his First and Second rounds of Chemo, Mason has been unstoppable.

Well, we are almost there. 5 weeks and 1 ½ rounds to go!

It's a Lab Thing Mason Labrador Cancer Fighter

Mason started round 4 of his chemo today. His scans (done last round) showed no evidence of cancer in his chest or abdomen. My boy is cancer free and doing great. He actually gets excited to go get his chemo because of all the attention he gets.  He prances into the lobby like he’s a celebrity and flops over for a belly rub for the first inevitable friendly person.We’ve met so many great people along the way. I can’t say enough about his nurses. From the surgery tech who comforted me with videos of his own three-legged dog, to the chemo techs who take the time to make sure we’re doing well and keep me on track, (After 10 treatments, you kind of loose track as to where you’re at in the process.) they have all been wonderful!

Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-Cancer-Mason-chemo therapy

Also, thank you everyone for the thoughts and prayers. They seem to be working! Mason sends tail wags and a 3 legged high-five (he does it laying down now)!

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2 Responses

  1. Dasiydoo

    Really pleased to hear you are dong well Mason – such a brave boy!

  2. Rick & Henrietta Martinez

    Such an inspiring story. My DeAnna’s 6 yr. old black lab Maggie May was diagnosed w’cancer in her lympnodes on 8/13. Maggie received her 1st chemo on 8/22. We pray for our Maggie. Sharing Mason’s story gives us hope. Thank you for sharing. God bless & keep you all safe.