[quoteicon author=”Tam Hinch”]I’ve just spent the last 2 hours trying to get my ‘selection’ down to 20 photos – which is proving more difficult than I had imagined possible!![/quoteicon]

Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-TamHinch-Showcase-001 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-TamHinch-Showcase-002 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-TamHinch-Showcase-003 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-TamHinch-Showcase-004 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-TamHinch-Showcase-006

Showcase Conundrums

The It’s a Lab Thing Showcase submissions came in the hundreds and sorting through them became quite the challenge. LABfan, Tam Hinch’s photos of her Black Labrador peeked my interest. So much so, I hoped that she woud accept my invitation to be in a Showcase. Tam considers herself a hobbyist, but you can tell she has an understanding of how to capture those great images.

Funny Fact: Tam and her Hubby got into a bit of a tiff trying to pick photos for the It’s a Lab Thing Showcase. Too Funny!

Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-TamHinch-ShowcaseIts-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-TamHinch-Showcase-007 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-TamHinch-Showcase-008 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-TamHinch-Showcase-009 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-TamHinch-Showcase-010

A Labrador Rescues Support

Tam Supports Labrador Lifeline Trust, a non-profit Labrador Rescue based out of the United Kingdom.


We can’t wait to see more and I already have a Beachy Showcase coming very soon!!

[box title=”Tam’s Preferred Charities”]Labrador Lifeline Trust Labrador Rescue United Kingdom
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8 Responses

  1. nicholas freak

    great pics , i love my labs and would not have any other breed they are so kind and loyal i love the pics you put on line , well done

  2. D

    Hey! They’re my legs!!
    Great Pics xxxx

  3. Shona

    Love them. Must catch up soon – easier for you as I have tendonitis in my (c)ankles which has slowed down my usual Grand Prix speed!
    Hope all is well with you and yours.

    Shona x