Moxie was one of the handful of search and rescue dogs deployed to Ground Zero.

She was 13-year-old chocolate lab in retirement in Winthrop as of 2011.

Her owner Mark Aliberti says she’s losing her hearing and her vision isn’t great, but it was her strong sense of smell that got her working on 9/11.
“These dogs are air scent dogs, which means they go out and sniff the air and they work their way in to the scent,” Aliberti told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz. “I’d tell her to go find and she’d search and search and search. If she found somebody or found scent that she’s interested in, she’s trained to penetrate as much as she can, get as close as she can. When she can’t get any closer, she’s trained to start barking and continually bark and just stay there until I join her.”

Moxie and Mark worked up to 16-hour shifts for 8 days at Ground Zero.

via 365 Hero Dogs

2 Responses

  1. Joy

    THANK YOU, MARK AND MOXIE…words can not express the love and appreciation for you and your hard work on 9-11 and beyond. .God Bless.

  2. Al

    Thank you both! I totally agree with Joy – you two rock! I have owned Labradors for 20 years. They are wonderful, kind, loving and hard-working dogs. God bless you both.