“Be Wary of Those that consider Themselves Owners of Pets” – Antonio Rodriguez: It’s a Lab Thing LABdad 

I came up with this quote after seeing several so-called Labrador sites emerge in the wake of It’s a Lab Thing. I guess you could say imitation is the highest form of flattery, however, what has me more irritated than a trying to pinch flea on a Lab, is that these “pseudo” Labrador sites CLAIM to be in the best interest of the LABfan and Labs. But are they really? Well when you really dive into these site’s content, you can see that they are about as sincere as a cat inviting a mouse to hang out. If you read their articles and postings, what you will see is the words “OWNERSHIP” “OWNING” “LAB OWNER” “OWNING a DOG” and the list goes on and on.

Long Gone are the Days of people considering their Labradors as pets.

In a short questionnaire on It’s a Lab Thing’s Facebook page you can see an overwhelming response to this exact issue. LABfans votes and comments were unanimous. Labradors are a part of our family and like family members, we do not own them.

Here are just a few:
There was a point in time I believe in the PAST when we thought of dogs as pets, but then again that is what I thought before adding two big ol’ Goofy Yellow Labradors into our family, and basically the reason WHY I started It’s a Lab Thing. I think this picture says it best:

We all absolutely LOVE our Labs to no end. They sleep with us, go on vacations with us, we carry around thousands of pounds of Lab hair, swim, boat, party, hang out and on and on and on. When our Labrador goes to Rainbow Bridge, we mourn for them. I met a gentleman this past weekend at adoptions that had lost his Lab over a year ago and he was there because he thought is was time to add another addition to the family. When he was telling me this, you could see the little knot in his throat as he spoke about it. Then I got a knot in my throat because I know how much his Labby meant to him and I can not even begin to fathom that day. I guess some people just do not get that and it shows.

I am grateful that my two boys are also my business partners. After all, without them I would not be here. If you think about it WE are ALL one big family. We all can relate, understand, console, encourage one another as a family should. Our Labradors do the very same thing when they sense our emotions. A “pet” could never do that. A fish will never nudge his head under your arm and look at you with those big brown eyes  and say “Everything will be alright”.

its a lab thing Labradors are the new kids

How funny is that? (I am a guy and I can relate, lol)

Owners will never get that and people that think that you “own” a Lab will really never get it either. So be wary of those that use that terminology, because in my opinion, that kind of thinking is not one for the betterment of the breed.

What do you think? Are your Labradors a part of the Family or just a pet you own?

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  1. Elaine Harvey on Facebook

    I have had my Max . ( Bears head . Buds . & Maxie ) choccy lab . For the last 10 years and I love him to death . He will always be my Bud . Love love love labs. . Xx so you could say I’m a owner . But I’m a mum . To my 4 legged furry too:) xx

  2. Nora Bugeaud

    This is all so true but just a small point the Title should likely be “Be Wary of those That Consider Themselves Owners of Pets” rather than Weary. Although Weary does in a warped way fit as well.

    • ItaLabThing LABdad

      Thanks. Nora. I have could use refreshing.

  3. Mickey Bullard

    With three lab family members is a different type of bond. I have one from a breeder In Ocala ,Fla. Super smart & best dog I will eve have. One through lab Rescue of Florida & One from 100+abandoned dogs of the Everglades. The rescue dogs appreciate everything you do for them. Everyday you can see the appreciation from them and what you do for them. With three labs at my house it is what labs are all about.

  4. Andrea Ray on Facebook

    My Bailey died in 2011; we added Woody to the family in 2012. It’s still hard to think of Bailey without feeling sad! I hope that gentleman can find a new family member soon. It really does help. There’s a poem “Just a Dog” that I think really embodies everything a true Lab Mom or Dad feels. We don’t own them – I think they end up owning us.

  5. Julie

    these are my kids they sleep with me watch tv with me go on vacation with me. I love these guys with all that I am. I have 1 human daughter and I can honestly say I love my Labs the same as I love her!!! I just bought my 6th Lab baby she comes home in April we are having a baby shower and all.

  6. Nancy

    Our sweet girl adopted us in Jan. 2011. Remember Atlanta frozen in ice? Our boy had to go to the Bridge in Dec. 2010 due to cancer. OMG…I went through literal he** then. I knew I wanted another lab, but I thought I wanted to wait. Well, I had been seeing Miss Angie’s picture on the Barrow County Animal Control website. Her eyes…what is it with her eyes? They just kept calling me and calling, and foolish me kept ignoring her, thinking I still wanted to wait. Finally, we went to see her, and found out that she is a leaner, and when she leaned on her Daddy’s legs, that was it. He said, ‘we are her family, she has just told me.’ That was it, and boy, I could kick myself for waiting so long.

  7. Cheryl

    We are a two lab family. When my boys began driving and were never home, I decided it was time for another baby, so our first yellow girl came into our lives. She is a Daddy’s girl for sure! We needed a playmate for Maggie, so we went and got our Moses-(Moe). A big blacl hansome fells. Our lives revolve around our babies. If we can’t take them on vacation, we have someone stay at our home with them but we always take them camping, boating, and swimming for a week every year.

  8. Paul Wheeler

    I do think there is some sense of “ownership” happening between a family & a lab. It’s the Lab who owns the people not the people who own the Lab. All 3 of my Labs own our heart. Labs teach us more than we teach them, anybody who has one understands. So my stance is yes there is ownership to the extent of taking responsibility for someone but not in a possessive sense as in owning a car or house. I don’t own any of my Labs any more than I own my kids.

  9. Sonya Davis on Facebook

    I’m in agreement , we adopt our four legged children , we are bringing home our baby girl on the 30th , we have been anticipating her arrival since she was 1 day old , we are an engaged couple , who have adult children .. We want to share our home and our life with her , she is not owned , she is our child … Some people do not understand this , that is sad , and I feel for any dog that lives with those thinkers …

  10. Elizabeth Rodgers

    I wasnt even a dog lover until my son kept on about wanting a dog so I gave in and we got Maggie. Now she is my shadow and best friend and is definitely part of the family. She loves going camping with us and going for walks and as long as she is with a member of her family she is happy.

  11. Patti Bollenbacher Rodgers on Facebook

    I lost my dear Maggie only 3 weeks ago. I am in tears reading all these comments. It is almost unbearable. She was a gorgeous black girl. She was mine and I was hers. Luckily I have my yellow girl, Annie, to ease the pain. Dogs’ lives are too short, their only fault really. :'(

  12. Joan Hughes on Facebook

    We are definitely family. All my wonderful labs have been family. My very best little love of my life, Julie, passed unexpectedly at home of natural causes July 2010. I grieved and thought I would never be able to move on and have another lab best friend. One day my son called to say a wonderful lab he had met and spent a few days with needed a home and I asked when he would be arriving. Tucker came into our family a couple of days later. The healing force. Lille arrived 3 months later. We are blessed. We enjoy being with them every day….a joy. We are putty in their paws. Happiness is labs in your family.

  13. Lynn Lawes

    I lost my mother and my chocolate Lab Reggie within a short space of time.I can honestly say I still mourn my furry son just as much.

  14. Patricia Sambrailo on Facebook

    I go with all of the above.. first my family, friends, fur babies, and yes I do own them. As they own me! They are ours to care for, feed, protect, and love as a family member. I can’t say I own my husband or any other person.. so yes, I guess I’d have to say we own our dogs is correct too.

  15. Mary Ann Martin

    Hootie is my best friend. I rescued Hootie but actually he rescued me. He helped my broken heart to heal. I love him SO much!

    Georgia is Parker’s best friend. He lived 3 hours from home last year. He said he could not have made it without Georgia!

  16. John

    Coco the choc lab is my best mate, furry daughter and fellow charity walker. Her insanity keeps me sane! Her love is unconditional and her empathy is out of this world. She is friends with everyone…2 legs or 4… She’s my early morning alarm and my constant companion. Do I own her? HELL NO!! Does she own me? Quite possibly……like any daughter owns her dad…..!!
    We are family.
    Just to add….my neice has a big goofy furry son….Bailey….a golden lab. She feels the same way.

  17. Shan

    When I was down and out from some heavy mental weights, I thought surely I was gonna die. I was nearly non functional from thinking and over thinking what was happening around me. It was then that a little black stray dog happened upon my home. I was down and out and needing unconditional love. This beautiful little dog was a poor hungry thing pooping deer corn and carrying 200+ ticks. We needed each other. I removed all of his ticks, got his shots, and gave him a place inside my home with plenty of food for his tummy. He, of course, had immediate unconditional love for me. It just so happened that this little dog was a Black Lab. He quickly became more than “just a dog” to me. I’ve had him for 6 years and he is so smart. He understands more of the English language than I ever thought a dog could. I call him my dog son. He’s my boy and I’m not going to be shamed out of it. Call your dog a dog, mine is more to me, he’s my kid. He owns me as much as I own him.

  18. Laurie

    I’ve always liked dogs but I wasn’t a “dog person”. I had dogs before but I was the child of an owner and so thought like an owner myself. Then Maddie came to us. This sweet old girl (black lab) was 7-years-old so here we were, two females facing our middle age together. I’ve never felt so much for any pet before. She was no mere pet, she was family; sometimes daughter, sometimes sister, she would commiserate with my bad days and spin in happy little circles when the arthritis allowed her to play. Soon I was the one supporting her on her bad days and I was at her side when, at the age of 14, she crossed over. We only had a short time together but she taught me the value of the love that we two species can share. It is her legacy that my newest baby girl is a 9-year-old chocolate that has, in just two years since her rescue, become my constant companion. I read in the previous comments that a rescued dog always remembers what you’ve done for them. I think they’re right. I remember, she’d been with us about 18 months when she just seemed go, “Oh! I get it! You really want me!” She went from being combative, stubborn and always trying to run away to the happiest, most settled I think she’s probably ever been. She’s still stubborn, though – a personality trait that runs deep. But she’s my baby girl and definitely no pet.

  19. Kriztina

    We have a ten year old black labrador and he’s DEFINITELY part of the family. We love him to bits and we’d do anything for him. He’s so spoiled but he’s worth every penny. Every day is a joy with him, I couldn’t imagine life without him. We’ve had him since he was a puppy (since I was 10 years old) and I’ve learned so much from him.
    Hearing about people casting out their pets for ANY reason makes me so angry. Labradors are so appreciative and are the most loving dogs I’ve ever come across. No dog deserves to be treated badly. Some people just don’t understand how important having a loving family is to any dog not just a labrador. It’s really saddening 🙁