Natural Ear Cleaner for the Labrador

Someone’s ears must have been burning from Innovet. The day they contacted me about a PurOtic Ear Cleaner, a Labrador Inspired Product for cleaning those dirty and sometimes musty Labrador ears, we were fighting another one of Brody’s ear infections.

labrador dog ear cleaner PurOtic

Natural Ear Cleaner for the Dog

Labradors have cute floppy ears that we all love to rub and bury our noses in. The drawback to those floppy ears are that they don’t always do the best job of keeping our Labs ears clean and moisture free. So it is up to us as Labrador parents to check on them and keep them clean. When they go play heavy outside in the dirt or jump in the lake, you should be checking and cleaning your Labs ears. Dirt and left over water can cause irritation and sometimes lead to ear infections. Like most products I test, I have been using PurOtic for over a month. I really wanted to see if it could keep my Labradors ears as clean as the stuff I usually use and I can say that it does. Very easily too, I might add.

labrador dog ear cleaner PurOtic-16

The PurOtic Ear Cleaner Difference

It is not just the Natural ingredients in PurOtic Natural Deep Ear Cleaner that make it awesome or the fact that it was designed by Veterinary professionals. The fact that it truly was inspired by Innovet’s head of R&D department Black Lab, Maximus is what makes it truly Labrador Inspired. Oh, don’t let me forget to mention that the bottles come with a patented long soft silicone tip to get the PurOtic solution deep into the inner ear where where most of the nastiness likes to hangout. I also liked that the solution did not come bursting out when I was applying it.

labrador dog ear cleaner PurOtic-17

The Process

I found the application process easier than before when applying it. The ear canals of dogs are deep, but you still exercise caution when applying. First, I usually break out the good treat so Brody knows and put it on the counter. Next, I gently pull back the ear, locate the canal and gently insert. My vet told me to stick my finger in their ear to gauge depth. Once inserted, I give the trigger 2 or 3 pumps and then I rub the outside of the ear and canal to work in the solution. Then let them shake… that helps push the gunk up.

labrador dog ear cleaner PurOtic-20


Are fresh smelling clean kissable ears. Sure your Labby might fuss a bit but they will thank you in the end. Brody tends to get ear infections easier, so I generally try to clean his ears once a week. I have been really happy with the results of PurOtic’s Deep Ear Cleaner and if you have a Lab, than this is an ear cleaner worth having in the home.

Give them a try and let me know what you think.


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  1. brian

    Does that coupon still work? Because I can’t get it to work. Dogster just posted this on Facebook, but the article looks 6 months old.