Do you Love to take pictures of your Labrador? Would you like to Showcase your Pictures on the pages of the Highly Popular It’s a Lab Thing website? Photographers of all calibers are welcome (Pro, Semi-Pro, Amateur, Hobbyist), we just ask that you have a knack for the camera.

No Point and Shoot camera warriors or Cellphone camera pros (lol), please. Unless they are out of this world pictures.

Before you submit please take a second to look at the other Showcases Here. This will give you a good example of the quality I am looking for.
If you need to see the quality of what we are looking for you can click on the image below. I am truly an amateur and have only been taking pictures for about 5 months.Its a Lab Thing Brody Saban Fall 2012-31

Remember when that the Showcase is for Premium Photography. So make sure that you submit your VERY BEST pictures. Look at it as a tryouts, so be on your game. 🙂

Photographer Showcase Submission Form

  • Submit your VERY BEST picture.


[quoteicon author=”Andy Biggar Photography”]I am so proud to be associated with Its a Lab, as a professional Dog Photographer and the owner of three Labradors myself, the website is not only a joy to view and read from the point of view of somebody passionate about the breed, but what has amazed me and overwhelmed me is the incredible response I have had after my photographs were posted on Its a Lab  I have never had such a response on any website and its had a huge positive effect on my business which i am very grateful for. If your business is linked with dogs and in particular Labradors, i would recommend that you make sure that your company is advertised on Its a Lab as soon as possible.


Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Angelina-1-12

Yours Truly getting some Rescue Labrador Love at a photo shoot for Labrador Friends of the South.

17 Responses

  1. Mick Peters on Facebook

    And what, pray, is wrong with ‘point and shoot’? Ah possibly because the shot hadn’t been doctored and ‘cheated’ beyond recognition and reality by Photoshop or similar?

  2. It's a Lab Thing on Facebook

    Mick Peters Not really sure at what you are asking? You can put any picture in Photoshop. Point and Shoot cameras are great for vacations and what not, but not what we are looking for.

  3. It's a Lab Thing on Facebook

    John Cincotta Thank you for being a fan, but I am not sure where you are coming from. It’s a Lab Thing shows tons of LABfan pictures everyday from from regular cameras. Either on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. PLUS, I use LABfan’s pictures for everything I do. However, the Showcase is for premium photography. I don’t see how you can get upset and rude about that.

  4. Dares Wilbow

    I love taking photo of my Lab and I do almost every day BUT taking photo of my Lab puppy is more like ” point and shoot ” to get the nice one. I think it is the same way taking photo of the children, we can’t expect them to ” sit still, look at the camera and smile “

    • ItaLabThing LABdad

      I agree. The wiggly little puppies can be tough. I think the DSLR automatic settings are better suited for some situations.

  5. Tina Quatroni

    I know many people find offense to the terms of point and shoot as well as cell phone camera enthusiasts but there is a line between hobby and professional. I have seen beautiful and amazing images from point and shoot cameras as well as cell phones. Matter of fact I have taken several myself with those means. But as a professional photographer, which I assume professional would mean in the common world a means of earning for a living, the industry is set at SLR cameras. So while some will get offended, there really is no point has always been the photographer that makes the art of a photograph not the tool, and I am sure It’s A Lab Thing understands that, but what they are seeking is professionals who own an SLR and that is their “work” as a professional. They are not discounting other means of photographing, they are simply stating for their showcase they want a specific level of photography. really isnt that offensive.

  6. R Sloan

    I have just posted two pictures of my Lab. I’m not a Pro Photographer, But I do take some nice shots ! I have seen some VERY nice pictures taken with a point and shoot, but I understand what your looking for.

  7. andreas

    Hello, not sure if I submited correctly because I did not receive any confirmation. Is there any way to check it? Thanks!

  8. Tracie Shackell

    I just sumitted 2 photos and do not know if they went on .. could maybe someome email and let me know..Thankyou..

  9. Julie Bork

    I just submitted 2 photos but didn’t read through the rules…sorry. They are point and shoot but are pretty awesome! Maybe you can have a separate catagory or contest for us after this one????? Some of us can really rock that point and shoot!