That’s right. A double dose of PawBox. January was a crazy month and I over looked our PawBox for that month. So lets take a look back at some of the awesome goodies from January.

January PawBox

It's a Lab Thing PawBox-1


  • Simple Green BIO DOG: A highly effective formula that eliminates both the stains and odors caused by our beloved Labradors. It is perfect for stain and odor removal on soft, porous surfaces like carpets, rugs, upholstery, even, dog bedding. Non-toxic and biodegradable, too!!
  • My Doggy Bites: Yummy, natural Lab treats made with premium ingredients. No complaints from Brody and Saban.
  • Pegetables: Nutritous & delicious premium dental dog chew treats made with real vegetables. SShhhh don’t tell Brody.
  • Fingerbrush: Soft flex latex conforms to finger for comfortable soft bristles gently massage the gums. I love these. Easy to use when cleaning the boys teeth.It's a Lab Thing PawBox-4
  • Toy of the Month: A fun rope toy that Brody and Saban played tug a war with. It is missing from the photo because it was demolished. [/starlist]

February PawBox

It's a Lab Thing PawBox-3


  • Natural Balance® Dog Food Rolls: have been scientifically formulated by veterinarians and animal nutritionists to provide high quality nutrition and optimize skin and coat condition for adult dogs. 
  • FeelGood: Crunchy, take-anywhere treats that Brody and Saban just love. All Natural and Organic ingredients. It doesn’t stop there… they are also Wheat, Gluten and Preservative free too!!
  • Silver Lining: A Skin and Coat supplement that I will definitely try. I have used other and have my favorites so lets see if this can do the job. Remember if you have a question about supplements, please consult your veternarian.
  • Heart Magnet: This one is for the LABparents. Just a simple magnet that you would probably pay $5 to $10 dollars for.
  • Toy of the Month: A stuffed Bone. Never any complaints when toys enter the picture. :)[/heartlist]

As always this awesome monthly treat for your Labrador is just $10/month. Give it a Try!!