2 Responses

  1. Susan Parker

    It’s been almost three years now, and my husband and I are more than ready to hear the “pitter patter of little/or ‘outsidzed’ paws” in our home. Of course I still miss my “Labs of the past”, one the shiniest of black, the other, a very “chocolate-y” guy. Both lived such nice, long lives, and I miss them dearly. But now that we’re ready, there are so many who just don’t understand why we are “stubborn as [some] Labs can be”, in wanting to welcome another Lab. Period. BUT, those who knew my Ziggy, or our “Duncan”, adored them as much as I/we did. I know that they are across that Rainbow Bridge, playing and “getting into ‘Lab Trouble'” along with all their other friends of all sorts!
    So, “Romp, run and jump in peace”, my dear Ziggy and Duncan!

  2. Paul Wheeler

    On February 16th I lost my best friend Ruger Gauge Wheeler at Lake Pleasant. He was 3 months away from his 3rd birthday when he left us.He was loyal, willing to please, and so obedient. His traits came naturally, and he was unique companion he loved the water, dock diving, beer, tennis balls, apples, his orange bouy, his older yellow buddy Gunner and his little chocolate buddy Magnum. He is buried under his apple tree he loved to snack from in the summer. We ALL miss you buddy, you were one of a kind and we loved you so much. Everyone that met you has been touched by you in some way. One day we will meet again, someone told me “God got a great dog that day” I agree he did. We love you..