It's a Lab Thing Labrador Tips Stop Counter Surfing Dog

It’s a Lab Thing Labrador Tips 

The Practical Guide to Raising a Lab


6 Responses

  1. Andrea

    No food on counters, ever. Our Black Lab Barney, 1, is actually very good… but he will try his luck on occasion!

    • Rebo

      I see some good answers here. Where are the tips? Or are the answers the tips?
      That is the correct way to train no countersurfing. I was just curious if there was an article.

  2. Ann

    My Black Lab is good, but I sure would NEVER leave any food on the counter.. As it is, he comes and stands right beside me while I cut up his Apple for his Kong and smells everything I let him!!!! Nope, no food on the counter…EVER

  3. Kathy

    I have a black Lab named Jada. She’s extremely agile & gets things from places that I wouldn’t think that she could. She’s pretty big for a bitch (24 inches tall) so she has a long reach. I can’t leave anything out unless it’s in a sealed container. But I love her & would never part with her.

  4. Cookee

    Honey never touches anything – even coffee table height, I leave her in the room with cheese on the table and she might drool a bit but never touches a thing!

  5. Missy

    We joke that our lab has a “switchblade opposable thumb” he whips out to open Tupperware containers! He ate 3 dozen Christmas cookies by opening a plastic container on the counter. Nothing is safe!