“Sometimes dogs come into your life for a moment, a day, or a lifetime. It matters not the time they spent with you but how they impacted your life in that time” – Author Unknown


The picture is from the kill shelter.


A Labrador Rescue

From the Streets of Alabama, to a High Kill Shelter, Leo was discovered by Labrador Friends of the South, Inc.. My good friend Elena Pesavento told me to go check out the new Lab that needed to be fostered. She said “I think you will really like him ;).”  When we went to go see him and take pictures, Saban was malnourished, dirty, had horrible coat, callused joints from laying outside all day and poor pigment.


Becoming a Part of the Family

So we decided to foster him. Took Saban home and gave him a nice bath and a good meal. Brody was ecstatic to have a new play friend. A week passed and Saban began to start coming out of his shell. We had our share of mishaps, like stealing food off the counter, some marking and general anxiety but he was growing on us. So much so, that I never put him on the Labrador Friends of the South website. Elena kept asking if I was going to post him. I kept saying “later”. Well “Later” never happened and on April 27th, 2012, Saban was officially apart of our family.

Saban Adopted 5-28-2012

Yes, that is a Goofy Labrador Shirt.


It is amazing to watch Saban grow and flourish in our family and to see what a little TLC can do to a Labrador Rescue.

Saban Birthday 2013-42Its-a-Lab-Thing-Saban-Labrador-Rescue-010

Birthday Labrador

It’s Saban’s Birthday. He can do whatever he wants. Even if that means getting on the table to eat his cake.

Saban Birthday 2013-49

We don’t officially know Saban’s Birthday, nor do we care to. His new life began on April 27th so that will be his Birthday. We are so grateful to have Saban in our lives. He is a reminder that there are so many good souls that are just waiting to find their forever homes.

47 Responses

  1. Haley T.

    So adorable!!! However, my Sandy (5 year Golden/Yellow lab) would not leave the cake alone enough for us to get a picture of her lol!! Would not give up her and her antics for the world

    • ItaLabThing LABdad

      Funny. It was not easy. If you notice, Brody snatched his and took off.

  2. Susan Magnuson

    You 2 are Wonderful People! Thank you for saving Saban and making him a part of your family and getting Brody a friend for life!!! Being the owner of 2 Labs (litter mates) I know what it’s like for them to have a fellow playmate and a loving family. Saban thinks the WORLD of You I’m SURE!!! 🙂

  3. Rose Bridge

    He’s a lovely lucky boy! How can dogs like this end up in a kill shelter it’s awful to think what happens in there!

  4. David Baldwin

    Your story brought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes mainly because we share a common experience. Last year I lost two senior labs and I thought that I would never get over the loss. Still, I missed having those two spirits in our home and within a few months I decided that it was time to look for another dog. I have always preferred to adopt shelter dogs, but this time I went one step further and looked for a dog who was on the short list at the local pound to be euthanized due to behavioral problems. I ended up adopting two dogs both of whom had been deemed to be unadoptable because they were hostile towards other dogs. Once I got them home, I never saw that. Within a matter of a few days, both Willie and Kelso proved themselves to be gentle and loving. It has been a joy to watch them change and flourish once they realized that they had a permanent home and would want for nothing, especially love.

    • ItaLabThing LABdad


      Wow. You are so great for what you do. I am glad that you were able to reach out and save those sweet Labs. Sometimes they just need a chance.

  5. Debbie

    I am having trouble typing because of the years in my eyes! Love this story & the pics!!

  6. Carol Paglia Kaufmann

    Brody and Saban are two of the most beautiful Labs I’ve seen. I always look for your posts and get excited when I see their names pop up. From a four time Lab mom, thank you for caring about this amazing breed!

  7. Cheryl

    So thankful for people like you! Saban is a lucky fella. I have two labs. I’ve thought about fostering but I don’t think I would be able to give one up. They become your children!

  8. Heather

    Happy Birthday Saban. My elderly girl, Jaffa and I send greetings from Australia. Hope you and your people have a ripper day!