We all absolutely Love to make our Labradors happy and nothing makes a Lab more Happy is a sweet tasting treat. However, giving our Labbies treats all the time can have some repercussions. Mostly, that they are not always the healthiest and are more of an equivalent to junk food.

When I was at the Global Pet Expo a couple weeks back, one of the main products that seemed to be getting the most attention were treats that performed a function. Mostly providing some of the awesome supplements that we humans take for ourselves. Labs, like humans, need additional vitamins and minerals in their diet to feel and perform at their best and live a healthy and happy life so they can stay with us as long as possible.

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There are so many products out there it could make your head spin. So I was super stoked when I was able to meet the team at Cloud Star and they introduced me to their New line of treats Dynamo Dog™ Functional Dog Treats.

A Healthy Lab is a Happy Lab

I have always given Brody and Saban supplements. I started Brody on supplements for his skin and coat when I figured out he had allergies. I also switched his brand of dog food, but we will save that for another discussion. The supplements helped tremendously with his itching and on top of that his skin and coat flourished. Brody was always getting compliments on how soft he was.  Naturally, when we adopted Saban, we put him on the same supplements.

Not all Supplements are Handy Dandy

After talking with Cloud Star, I was able to take home some samples to try out on the boys. We tried out Dynamo Dog’s Hip & Joint, Tummy and Skin & Coat Functional Treats.

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These treats were designed for convenience and simplicity in mind. That is the one thing that the other supplements that I was using did not have. They were in the form of a huge tablet, I had to crush them up every time so that I knew that they would get fully digested. Now,  it is super simple to give; Brody and Saban love them. I usually give them the Dynamo Treats at various times of the day.

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The Dynamo Treats are awesome and having a Labrador Retriever, I pretty much use all the functions. I usually give the Tummy treats after they eat to help with the digestion and what not. The Tummy formula is vegan and has pumpkin and ginger in it to aid in digestion. Brody and Saban get the Hip & Joint Formula in the morning and like most hip and joint supplements, they contain glucosamine and chondroitin in it but Cloud Star took some extra steps and added green-lipped mussel, which is an added benefit. Skin & Coat is their bedtime treat. That way the omega-rich salmon oil and vitamin E can work their magic as Brody and Saban sleep.

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We Love that the treats are All Natural, Gluten Free, Grain Free and Made in the USA by a Family Owned company. Yes, that matters too! The cost is not bad and about comparable to human vitamins and supplements. As always, It’s a Lab Thing suggests that you check with your Vet with regards to any questions and concerns that you may have regarding supplements.

What do you think? Would you add those essential extra nutrients to your Labrador’s diet?

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  1. Sk Atts on Facebook

    Whilst they are probably better than other treats ,the same rule applies as it does with humans – If you eat a healthy balanced diet then there is no need for supplements .

  2. Anne Bradman on Facebook

    In your article you talk about how you had to crush up a previous brand of supplement to make sure it “would get fully digested.” Most tablets for any sort of medicine/supplement etc are formulated with something known as a disintegrant, which is designed to disintegrate or break the tablet up in your bodily fluids so your body can properly absorb it, so there is no need to break them up unless that tablet is too big to swallow (a really common problem for elderly humans). The new supplements might look like they will be better absorbed because they look more natural or more like a food item, but that doesn’t guarantee that this is so.

    Another thing with supplements that happens all too often with humans, so it probably happens more so with pets, is that the vitamins etc. are included at doses too low to have much beneficial effect or in a form that is poorly absorbed from the gut – ie they are useless. As far as I can see, the supplements you’re recommending have a list of ingredients without quantities – you actually have no idea what the real dose you’re giving your dog is! If it was something for me, I wouldn’t trust it to be worthwhile, so I’d probably make the same judgement call for my dog.

    • Cloud Star

      Hi Anne,
      I wanted to let you know that we completely undersand your concern for the amount of supplements actually included in these types of treats. Many treat companies claim to have supportive qualities, but you are correct, they are ineffective due to low dosages, or they hide the actual quantity of supplement in convoluted values to make you think there is a higher value.

      We made it a point on our Dynamo Dog Functional Treats to clearly show you how much of a given supplement you are feeding your dog per a treat. We even calculated how many days your treat bag will last, given the number of treats you feed. Please take a look at the below link, we included an example feeding table that you will find on the back of every package of Dynamo Dog.


      If you have any more questions please give us a call at 800-361-9079