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Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-IbrahimMansour-001 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-IbrahimMansour-002

It’s a Lab Thing LABfan, Ibrahim (Bob) Monsour shared his pictures of his Black Labrador, Molly. Located all the way from Dublin, Ireland, Bob studied Photography at The Photography Institute. Molly is absolutely one adorable Lab who clearly enjoys her time at the park.

Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-IbrahimMansour-003 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-IbrahimMansour-004 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-IbrahimMansour-005 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-IbrahimMansour-006 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-IbrahimMansour-007 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-IbrahimMansour-008

Bob’s Rescue of choice is Dogs Trust Ireland.

There mission is simple:  [quote author=”Dogs Trust Ireland”]Our mission in Ireland is to bring an end to the destruction of stray and abandoned dogs. [/quote]


[box title=”See more of Bob Monsour here”]Rescue of Choice: Dogs Trust Ireland
Website: Momento Photography Club
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  1. John Mullen

    You should Molly in realy life she is even cuter… Amazing photos Bob!!