Here we go again. Just when we adopt out 4 little abandoned Lab puppies, we get 8 plus one gorgeous momma left outside a shop. Labrador Friends of the South will insure that these little cuddly Labrador Puppies will have a Happy Ending.

 Just remember… before you go and “Buy” a Lab puppy, see if any of your local Labrador Rescues has any in their care looking for a Forever Home. Adopt a Lab, Save a Life.


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  1. margaret stanford

    Awww those pups are so lovely I would love to give one a loving home with my 2yr old black lab I live in ellesmere port, Labs are so loving hard work but well worth it xxx

  2. Donna

    Do you allow adoptions outside of the South? We live in NH. If you don’t allow it, do you have a sister organization up here?
    Thank you.

    • Jen

      Because I noticed one of their replies that they don’t transport their labs I just wanted to mention there are rescues in NH – New Digs for Dogs out of North Haverhill, NH for one – if you’re looking to rescue. (Also wanted to express my disgust that anyone could abandon this momma and her babies that way!)

  3. Catherine Keenan

    I would love to help out and adopt one of these puppies – how anyone can be so cruel and just abandon a momma and her pups is disgusting those are the people that should never be allowed to keep pets!!!

  4. gayle

    Is one of the pups white? Know there is black and yellow but one looks white

  5. It's a Lab Thing on Facebook

    @donna We are based out of the South Eastern Region. We do not transport our Labs. We do not have a sister organization but It’s a Lab Thing is working on their network as we speak. Marlana McBee Roberts LFS is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Yes, 2 females and I think they are already spoken for. 🙂 @Gayle All the puppies are yellow. Some might be creamier than the others. 😉

  6. Susan Booth on Facebook

    This is awfull, I never thought I would ever see a bitch and a litter of labradors abandoned like this, what has gone wrong with us!! I am also a bit confused, could someone put me fight, where is this organisation (itsalab thing) based, is it USA somewhere or GB I live in Shropshire England (GB).

  7. It's a Lab Thing on Facebook

    Diane Little It’s a Lab Thing does not actually adopt out rescue labs. 🙂 We are partners with Labrador Friends of the South, Inc. and we are both based out of Atlanta, Georgia. It’s a Lab Thing is on the process of expanding their network with our guide that will be released in the near future.

  8. Gillian Burns on Facebook

    I will NEVER understand the kind of cruel person who would abandon a family like this. Not that it makes a difference, but it’s not as if the Mum was accidentally bred with another kind of dog…these definitely look like full Lab pups. Now, correct me if I’m mistaken but most of these adoption places would have taken on these animals if the owner actually went or called and spoke to them, right? There’s absolutely no need to just dump them somewhere.

  9. Jen Lloyd on Facebook

    I would like to think that I don’t know anyone as cold hearted as the person that did this to this momma & her babies! Like Gillian Burns said they could have contacted an agency that would take them!

  10. Rebecca Dexter

    This is beyond belief…how could someone do such a thing?? There ought to be laws that prosecute people who abandon animals… I have 2 yellows of my own (by the way, to my knowledge “white” is not a recognized color…a yellow can be anywhere from the color of a red fox to cream) and have fostered two in Florida. Do you adopt to Florida? Thanks for all you do to protect our wonderful Labs!

  11. Linda Jones

    I looked several months for a yellow lab, I would love to adopt another pup