Travel Bags for your Labrador or Dog from 3 Shades of Dog

3 Shades of Dog Scout Dog Accessories-ILT

A Durable Dog Travel Bag With Class

With all the holidays coming, traveling with Labradors is just like traveling with kids. You have to pack all their toys, blankets and food load it up. On our recent trip to Asheville, the Scout Dog Tote came in handy. Having two Labradors means double the stuff and we used to use a regular ‘ol backpack, but it got to a point where we could not get anymore stuff into it. On top of that, the backpack would get absolutely dirty from the toys, collars, food bowls and whatever else we lugged with us.

The Dog Travel Tote has plenty of room for all your Labrador’s toys, blankets, bowls and food. They look good and the best part is that they are made in a very durable coated fabric so they can resist stains, smells and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. We can fit enough stuff in one bag for two Labs, but if your dogs are super-duper spoiled, one for each kid is perfect. They come in a very stylish variety of colors as well.

scout dog tote bag 3 shades of dog

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Once your Labradors see you break out their Dog Travel Tote, get ready for some wagging tails of excitement.