Labrador Bliss

Jason Corbett of Mindenwood Photography is back and if you remember he wowed us with It’s a Lab Thing’s Dynamic Views of the Labrador. This time his Lab model is a Yellow Labrador named Ronnie and he is having a ball in the fields of the United Kingdom.

Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-Yellow-Mindenwood-photography-001 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-Yellow-Mindenwood-photography-002 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-Yellow-Mindenwood-photography-003

Labrador Fun in the Fields

Ronnie is in complete Utter Bliss during his photo shoot. A day in the open fields to play is always a good day for a Labrador. Ronni’s favorite thing is jumping a large ditch when she is out, that combined with her shoulder hair which is the shape of golden wings led to me giving her the “winged goddess” nick name.

Lisa, Ronni’s mum thinks she is the best thing since sliced bread and having met her i would tend to agree, says Jason.

Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-Yellow-Mindenwood-photography-004 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-Yellow-Mindenwood-photography-005 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-Yellow-Mindenwood-photography-006 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-Yellow-Mindenwood-photography-007

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