This is Heart N’ Soul’s Pocket Change “Penny” at 4 months of age. Danielle uses clicker/marker training to identify behaviors and they worked on place training, handling/casting, and steadying for retriever field work.

I want to also welcome Danielle Pellicci as a Contributing Author to It’s a Lab Thing. Danielle’s Labs caught my eye and I could just tell that she is a top notch breeder and trainer devoted to bettering the Labrador.

[boxparagraph]Contributing Author: Danielle Pellicci, has over 18 years of experience with dogs, and has been a full time professional dog trainer/competitor since 2001. She and her dogs have participated in events including retriever hunt tests, field trials, agility, earthdog, rally obedience, & obedience trials. Blackfoot Kennels[/boxparagraph]

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  1. Danielle Pellicci

    Thanks so much for including me as part of this great site! I hope I can be of some assistance to folks seeking education about the training and conditioning of “our” wonderful breed!