Awesome video of LABparents trying to teach their Yellow Labrador Retriever, Jack, how to not be afraid of the water. After some coaxing and showing Jack how it needs to be done, he is one Wet and Happy Labrador.


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  1. Nora Bugeaud

    My Chocolate did too right off a boat launch after a duck at around 3-4 months…..scared herself so badly she didn’t swim again till she was 13 months…..then only by accident after that you can’t keep her out of the water….but wet grass or rain forget it lol. Only goes to prove they maybe natural swimmers but fear can be a bad thing even for our Lab Babies!

  2. Cyndi Sommers Sherman

    too funny. our 4 month old jumped into a very chilly lake this past weekend (chasing a rock that was being skipped). she had no idea what she was doing, thankfully the autopilot kicked in and she was able to swim back to shore. (saving us from going in after her) 🙂

  3. Nicole

    So cute! Yeah Jack.
    I had to teach my Lab Kostas how to swim. He did not want to go in the water and swimming did not come naturally for him. To this day he won’t go in unless there’s a Kong floatie to go chase/retrieve.

  4. Shoshie Bug

    That made me smile 🙂 My yellow lab loves swimming in dams and at the beach, but is a bit reluctant to jump into a pool for some reason.

  5. Joe in SoCal

    Teach a lab to swim? Pray tell what happened here?

    My lab jumps in the water after everything from balls to frisbees to humans. I can’t keep him out. Then in the ocean he dives right in – and rides the waves naturally – I’m not seeing a need to coax a lab to water ever . . . . I suppose it happens from negative experiences when young but my problem is keeping my Lab out of water! He seesa sprinkler and 30 seconds later he’s soaking wet . .

  6. Wendy Byers Lawrence

    Yeah Jack ! Had to the same thing at a local lake with our black lab, Rico. Only he climbed up on DH’s head when he got out to him in the lake. He was ok after that.

  7. Diana Pratt-Simar

    My black lab Tahoe was just like that. He sunk to the bottom of our pool. My husband had to bring him. He held his breath the whole time. But he is a great swimmer now. Had to take to Lake Tahoe a couple of times

  8. Jen Lloyd

    Made me lol to scroll down, reading the posts as I went I read the one above this one – it was a story on the snow we’ve been getting in the northeast and how they got over 2 ft in up state NY, very next post is yours asking “Enjoying some pool time this weekend?”…. we wish!!! OH HOW WE WISH!!

  9. Xiomara Carrillo

    I love the video ! My chocolate lab still not swimming in the pool, I am afraid the chlorine maybe bad for her skin or eyes…. is it safe? Or do you have a salt water pool?

  10. Linda Coyne

    Fabulous video!!!! We had to teach our yellow Lab, Miss Lady, to swim also. To this day though, she won’t jump off the side, she’ll only go down the steps and then back up to get out. She’s a real “Lady”. Lol.