Little Yellow Labrador Puppy returns to the scene of the crime when his Dad finds his trail of awesomeness. What a Mess!

Has this ever happened to you? What did you do to help stop it the next time?

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  1. Susan Hall on Facebook

    How could you be cross with that gorgeous face? Pup must have been left a while to create that much mess, hope he/she didn’t swallow anything ! I was really lucky with my lab, he’s never chewed a thing !

    • Linda Coyne

      I agree with you Susan. This baby must have been left alone for a very long time in order to do that much damage. I also hope he didn’t swallow something that he shouldn’t. This person has to make sure he picks up and puppy-proofs his house.

      • Beth

        I don’t know — our first Lab could have made that mess in about 20 minutes — we had to hide ALL the trashcans if we left her alone for even a short time. It all depends on the dog.

    • Matt Schaefer

      We love them no matter what and yes they’ll do whatever you let them get away with

  2. Heather Funicella on Facebook

    Susan- Quick! Knock on Wood!!
    This little guy makes our yellow Duke look mild. Ours is a trash hunter and a foodie- there’s a child latch in the fridge because of him. It’s impossible to be mad at him, though!

  3. Joanie M Lomax on Facebook

    jemima chewed thru 2 living room suites, 2 box springs and mattresses, 2 coffee and end tables, 3 cell phones, 2 table chairs, my bible, the carpet in the corner of the bedroom, a heavy gauge wire kennel, a heavy kennel used for flying cargo, the bathroom door, the kitchen kitty cat door, and books and various other items….lmbo…i tried everything to break her…finally took her to doggy shrink who said because i’d been out of work with her for 6 months, she was suffering separation anxiety…so every wednesday for 3 months, i had to drive for 2 and half hours to take her to shrink and for 30 minutes shrink visited with her, and never had another problem with her again….until NOW 11 years later, when i leave she gets in the garbage can…so, i put it out, no more problems….love my fur babies…now, i’ve adopted 2 abused yellow labs that are 1 year old, and am training them about they may need to see the shrink,…lmbo..they are not listening as well as jemima…because i can’t be stern in my voice with them, as they think i’m angry and going to hurt them…

    • Lorrie

      I’m sorry you had to go thru all of that. I had that happen with a mixed breed, not a lab & I know how frustrating it can be. I am glad you were able to find a solution & good luck with your new dogs. They are very lovable & rewarding but there are frustrating times with them just like with kids.

  4. Keith Harvey on Facebook

    I can leave the kitchen garbage can open with food sitting in it & to this day my Lab has never gotten in it.
    But if I leave one little piece of tissue or toilet paper in the bathroom garbage it gets eaten up within seconds

  5. Melly

    My Lab Isis never got into things. We can leave her treats wide open on the floor and she won’t even touch any of it. I really hope that this yellow puppy wasn’t home by herself for so long!!! Crate train is a best way specially when they are puppy like that. They are very smart and they learn to respect their own space and your space. Yes! I hope she/he didn’t swallow anything.

  6. Melissa Lax Ortt on Facebook

    First lab ate 32 shoes!! One out of each pair of course lol. Not to mention all the cords and. 2 original playstations, heaven help us. Our baby boy just shreds ANY paper item he gets to including money 🙂

  7. Daisy Doo on Facebook

    Like children we are all different – so bragging that your lab never chewed anything may come back to haunt you – The late Flossy wasn’t a chewer but I certainly was – the list is too long to mention!

  8. Lorrie

    I agree, it is hard to get angry at that face. We kept are lab in a kennel when we were not home that ended any chewing. I thought he would not like it but he was happy to go in there. We were lucky that we would only have to leave him for about 4 hrs. at a time because of ours & our kids schedules. Great dog, we have a lot of good & kind of bad memories (such as the time he climbed into back of our truck to eat a loaf of Italian bread) of our dog. He has been gone 10 yrs. & we still miss him & talk about him all the time!