Kim Carlson thought her 7-year old Yellow Labrador retriever Coda was dead when she saw firefighters carry him out of her burning home, limp and not moving. But firefighter Jamie Giese moved quickly to give Coda mouth to snout resuscitation, Giese cupped his hands around the dog’s muzzle. Although he said Coda’s mouth had quite a bit of soot, snot and phlegm, he began breathing into the dog’s mouth as it struggled for air. “The only thing we could do was mouth to snout. I didn’t think twice about it,”

Via ABC News

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  1. Karen Angiolini on Facebook

    Please…..someone in authority acknowledge what these big hearted guys have done. To them Coda was a life to be saved and not ‘just a dog’…….they are a credit to their department – pin a huge medal on them….NOW!!

  2. Anne

    Fantastic story – well done, Jamie you and your mates are my heroes!

  3. Lorraine Curtis

    Wonderful story of truly brave men who have hearts as big as their courage, I will say it again, real men love animals and are not ashamed to act on it. Give them a medal, they deserve it

  4. Sarah Morris

    I went on a doggy first aid course recently. Yes you can do mouth to snout resus. In fact, if you have ever done a human first aid course it’s not much different. Bless the firemen!

  5. Paal Burnett

    That is a truely beautiful tale. Thats why we pay taxes!