Sponge, the Black Labrador gets his fair share of Cat Slap Fever…

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  1. Laurie Coombs

    This looks exactly like my black Lab and my kitter-kat. Except my cat won’t fight back and has to spend his entire life in the barn or holed up upstairs in a bedroom. If only he had done this at the beginning!

  2. Brian O'Neill on Facebook

    It all depends on if the cat is declawed or not. Cats and dogs have been coexisting for eons. Somehow they learn, work it out or stay away from each other. Thankfully our two labs and our cat have learned to co-exist.

  3. Val Johnson on Facebook

    It’s great if they get on well. Cats claws are lethal though(as you say Brian it does depend if they’re declawed or not, if not then I think it’s dangerous….a dog can lose an eye if a cat attacks with its claws). Definitely not for me. I treasure my Lab too much and want only love for her. Each to their own though.