March 13th K9 Service Memorial Day

Today is a Special Day. One that I should know about and will Forever now. Today we honor our Veterans that put their lives on the line for us everyday to keep us safe. Today is not about our human vets, but our Canine Veterans. Labradors are among those that aid in so many tasks that help our Human soldiers. They to go through so much. Lets not forget those that do so much for us and their teammates.

Its a Lab Thing British Armed Forces Labrador

Veterans Day Salute

Its a Lab Thing Admiration Armed Forces Labrador

31 Responses

  1. Ger Moore on Facebook

    I have no respect for any man or woman that puts mans best freind in harms way. Fight your own shit war and keep our furry freinds out of it.

  2. Lynette Gooch Trimble

    I posted something in the wrong spot. I hope I deleted it successfully. I absolutely meant no disrespect I’d I didn’t and am truly sorry!!!!!

  3. Joy Mayes

    Today is Memorial Day 2013. I’m sincerely grateful to all those who have served and those serving now for my FREEDOM. I’m proud to be an AMERICAN and have a blessed life because of your sacrifices. I believe in the saying…FREEDOM DOESN’T COME FREE!!
    Thanks to “It’s a Lab Thing” for sharing this wonderful video; it’s both heartwarming and a tear jerker combined!! We have so much to be thankful for in our four legged friends. Thanks for your love and devotion to Labs and other friends and sharing their stories with us. Your hard work is appreciated as well. God Bless and keep each of us safe where ever you may be on this very special day.

  4. Diane Kolb

    Our Goverment needs to bring home ALL our four legged heroes home .They aren’t guns they bleed red not smoke. Our four legged Heroes have save A LOT of our service man and women.They are a part of our Military team. No man left behind well let’s change that to No heroes left behind. Remember pray for All our Heroes

  5. M.l. Oyler

    As well as our soldiers, happy Memorial Day to our four-legged heroes also! We will never forget you and what you all have done for our countries (U.S. and Canada)