If there ever a Lab’s Biggest Loser Contest, Alfie would be the Grand Champion.

Alfie, a 12-year-old cream Labrador, weighed 171lbs when he was signed over to the animal charity who forced him to shed a few pounds. The overweight animal grew to weigh 171lbs because his dementia-suffering owner kept forgetting that he had already fed him.  The owner’s daughter contacted the RSPCA as she felt that her ill father could no longer look after Alfie. By the time the RSPCA came to take the animal away in March, the dog couldn’t stand up and he had to be lifted by four people using towels as a sling. RSPCA staff said that Alfie was the fattest dog that they had ever seen, describing him as “a massive blob with a leg at each corner”. Since Alfie was taken into the care of the animal charity, he has lost 4st 8lbs. He still needs to lose another 42lbs to reach his target weight.

Obesity in Labs is probably more common than it appears. Lets face it, Labradors may have been Chefs in their former lives because they love food.

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17 Responses

  1. Chris Calland on Facebook

    I’ve got two labs that are 25kg and 34kg but I get told my other owners they are thin for labs, which I correct them by saying no they are the right weights just your lab is overweight. Lab aren’t ment to be fat some people think they are. Poor dog’s

    • Nina

      You can’t say exactly what is the right weigh for a Lab since it depends on the bone structure more than anything. As long as you can’t see ribs on your dogs, they are not too skinny. My 8 month old pup is 27,1 kg (we were at the vet yesterday so I know his exact weight 😉 ) and many think he is skinny because he doesn’t have any fat. They are all surprised when I tell them how heavy he is! The trick is, I feed my dog raw and he doesn’t get carbs in his diet. He is pure muscle and as we all know, muscles are thicker than fat.

  2. Tracy Jack on Facebook

    think people are forgetting the man is ill with dementia. heart breaking story but the family done right thing and seeked help for the dog. hope thd dog settles with his new family when the time comes x

  3. Terri Jane Aspden on Facebook

    Go Alfie 🙂 I hope he finds a good loving family. I keep getting told off by people in the shooting community that my labs are overweight at 30kg (girl) and 32kg (lad) they’re house dogs not working dogs. They don’t get fed rubbish and are walked twice a day at least. the problem with labradors they will eat and eat if you’d let them.