Subaru’s new commercial tugs on the heart strings as you watch a Chocolate Labrador grow up with his Family.

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  1. Linnea O'Neill

    My 13 year old Murphy Brown choc lab and my 12 year old Subaru are 2 of my loves….every time I watch this I cry.

  2. George McCloud

    The commercial hits the heart…I don’t care what kind of dog one has, it’s about long term relationship…..I have nine (different breeds) & every time I watch it I feel like crying. The lab was a great casting choice though.

  3. Patty

    I currently have 2 labs, a 85lb(NOT FAT) lab/golden cross, and a 55lb mix breed. I have had some variation of Goldens and Labs all my life.. got our first Subaru just because of it’s “dog-ability”.. checked out others and nothing came close in it’s size to do what I wanted. Now if they would just put in easy to clean back liner instead of that felt stuff, a lift up dog divider or pull down divider built into the car, a ramp that slides back in the bumper..seats that really truely go flat when folded down, storage area under the rear seat..hmmm anyone think of anything else handy for us dogs on the go?


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