It's a Lab Thing Yellow Labrador Guide Dog Attacked

It’s a Lab Thing LABfan, Amy Dixon was walking near the Darien train station with her guide dog, named Elvis, a Yellow Labrador when a loose dog attacked. Amy says she was at a loss of how to protect Elvis. Dixon suffers from Ubiquitous, an inflammatory disease of the retina that has left her with only 1 percent of useable vision.

Guide and Service Labradors (dogs) play a crucial role in the lives of those with disabilities. It is important that we give them the space that is needed to Work.

You can read more of the altercation here: Amy Dixon’s Blog: Blind Sommelier 

On a Side Note…  News 12 reported the story BUT since they used the words Allegedly so many times, I did not think they were worth giving the traffic to. Can someone please explain to me how a Guide Dog is ALLEGEDLY Attacked???

Both Elvis and Amy are better, but there is no doubt that emotional scars have been left.

Get better Elvis and Thank you for what you do!!

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  1. Sue Ingham

    So frightening. I am glad that neither was physically hurt badly but the emotional and psychological will take a long time. I do hope that the woman was charged and her dogs removed.

  2. Ian Clements

    Riley’s been attacked twice. Both times, I was able to get control of the other dog. I cannot imagine what Elvis and his handler went through. I hope they catch the owner…

  3. Sabine Ridgel

    So scary…… Even some on flexi leashes !!!! This must be the weekly attacking dogs!!! So sorry Amy hope you and Elvis be ok !! !

  4. Mary Ann Orosz

    When I take mine out for a walk or to the leash free park, I always take an empty soda can with several pennies in it. If a dog gets to close or starts a fight or mounting, I throw the can near them with a NO. it usually stops the bad behavior. Thoughts and prayers to Elvis

  5. Cassandra Carpenter

    Some people don’t realize how responsible they become when becoming a dog owner. You become responsible for making sure your dog does not pose a threat to people or other animals. I used to work at a vet hospital and some owners would not even apologize for their dogs nipping at people, like they thought it was normal or something! Those type of people are appalling to me. If you own the dog you are responsible for it’s behavior and leashing them in public. Sometimes things happen, but if there is no leash there’s NO chance to stop what’s happening!

  6. Adina Smothermon

    that’s why there’s a LEASH LAW. If you don’t want to leash your dog, don’t get one. Awhile back, my sister’s friends came to the door and their dog followed. My dog doesn’t like other dogs, so the other dog got stitches in his lip. However, the dog was allowed to roam leash-free EVEN after that. I can’t stand it when my neighbors let their dog run free ’cause they come right up to our door. Ugh.

  7. Leigh Meyer

    I’m praying for a full recovery for both of you and for full prosecution of that lady who couldn’t control her dog…God bless you Amy and many prayers for Elvis….

  8. Dimmy Nicholson

    Sending lots of warm hugs & kisses to both of you! & I hope the ahole owner of the unleashed dangerous dog is charged

  9. Lynn Michel

    How that woman could abandon someone in need is beyond my comprehension. What is wrong with people? What happened to compassion? Step up and take responsibility. Everyone is not dog owner material but they think they are. My heart breaks as they probably won’t find that B…. Both if you get well soon and I am so sorry this has happened.

  10. Greg Brotherton

    So sad… Praying for a full recovery. It breaks my heart thinking what if that happened to one of my Labs. I just dont understand people today.

  11. Mark Lee

    No leash on an obviously aggressive dog, attacking a blind woman’s guide Lab (labs being one of the most “tame” breeds of any dog, with OR without formal training), should be considered a felony in my book. The dog that attacked has a complete idiot for an “owner”. “Oh hunny, he’s such a cute puppy, I want him!” STRIKE ONE!! The attacking dog reacted due to the lack of it’s owner’s LACK of training/discipline. The owner should be harshly charged, NEVER allowed to own ANY type of animal, not even a bunny. Prayers to Amy and Elvis. I’m sure it had to have been a terrifying event. I would have been completely terrified, and I have good eyesight. Shame on people that THINK they should have any type of pet, without KNOWING that there is RESPONSIBILITY required. I hope Amy and Elvis recover completely. Love to the both of you!!!!

  12. Rachel Porter

    Disgraceful behaviour from both human and dog!!! How can you let your animal attack someone and do nothing and then just leave them both injured.

  13. Karen Angiolini

    Disgraceful behaviour by the owner for allowing this to happen.
    Much love to Elvis and his owner for a speedy recovery from the shock….xxx

  14. mrs jenny hallam

    my dog rosie has had the same been attacked and she is not the same she gets very upset when she sees a german shepard and i cant take her out told the police but was told it was nothing to do with then if it had been a child that would have been differant all dogs must be on a lead i hope elvis makes a speedy recovery and maybe in time my rosie will get back to her self she loves children and outher pepole but is a wreck near other dogs hopeing lots and lots of love will help

  15. Susan de Bustamante

    this would have been terrifying for both of u…hope you and Elvis are ok… this shouldn’t happen..all dogs should be on leads when being walked….

  16. Daisydoo

    The sad thing is that these attacks can lead to the guide dog becoming nervous and unable to do the job they are trained for. Training and supplying guide dogs is very expensive and does not receive government funding ( in the UK anyway) so its entirely vountary donations that enables these wonderful dogs to be trained and give someone a much better life. I hope you recover well Elvis xxx